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At Sustainable North Florida, we look to promote all things green. We are looking for individuals passionate about the space to share their voice and help grow, inform and activate the community with an emphasis on transparency and integrity in order to build trust. In exchange, you get to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in the community, build your online brand and connect with other influencers in this space.

We aim to be a community hub of information across a range of sustainability topics, including but not limited to:

  • organic gardening and sustainable diets
  • natural resource conservation
  • sustainable home strategies
  • emerging green technologies
  • local green civic efforts
  • green tips for small business
  • local policy that impacts the environment

Through the shared voices of our contributors, we envision that people will be inspired by our content to advocate, take action and engage others. We encourage you to check out our mission statement for more information about us.

Whether you are looking to do a guest post, be a recurring guest blogger or a sponsored post we encourage you to write for us.

After reading our guidelines below, register for free as a contributor to get started and create a submission.

* Please note at this time we are not paying for articles. If you’re a professional writer and would like to contribute, contact us with some previous writing samples and social media handles.

Guidelines for Article Submission

It’s great that you are looking to share your voice on Sustainable North Florida. We put together some guidelines to help sync up your words with our site. See below:

  • Be original: Posts must be unique and original to Sustainable North Florida. Posts must not have been published or submitted elsewhere online (including your personal blog) or be slated for distribution on other sites.
  • Your article must be 500+ words and offer something valuable to our readers.
  • Come up with a great title that grabs readers’ attention and makes them want to read your piece: Ask yourself what problem does my article solve? How will reading this make someone’s life better?
  • Images and videos are strongly encouraged, they make the article look nice and grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Make sure not to violate copyright when using images, infographics or quotes. Give credit when required.
  • Please document sources with your article for our readers to use to validate claims or information in your submission.
  • We encourage you to end your article with inviting readers to comment.
  • When communicating to our audience we encourage details, metrics and sources but keep the readability at a “Layman’s” level and avoid being too technical.
  • Format your article for readability making sure to add subheadings, bullet points and paragraphs
  • You are free to link to other quality resources to add value to the article. But please refrain from excessive linking. Also, be conscious on any self-serving linking. In general, it’s best to keep the link count around 5.
  • Outgoing links must be relevant to our blog. For examples linking to dating sites, marketing agencies, credit related sites etc. aren’t allowed.
  • Write in your own voice that you use to communicate genuinely with others.
  • It goes without saying but, do not plagiarize! Create something genuine and new.
  • We reserve the right to do minor edits to your article to conform to our guidelines and will notify you of any changes prior to publishing.
  • Once published at our blog you cannot publish it anywhere else, including your own blog. However, we encourage you to share the article via social media on as many outlets as you want to increase your exposure.
  • We like to work with real people and NOT with marketing or SEO agencies.

Help with Article Submission

Below are some resources on helping you get started with article submission using WordPress.

  • Click Here for a great tutorial for article creation and submission if you are new to WordPress.
  • Click Here for a great tutorial on using the SEO Yoast section to improve your post reach.