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7 lessons in saving the world

Written by Corporate Knights

The planet’s most optimistic activists met in Oxford, England, this spring to share notes on why so many things are going wrong. It turns out structural change requires that you change first. The world, at least on paper, is getting … Read More

Greening the concrete jungle

Written by Corporate Knights

The production of steel, cement and aluminum collectively accounts for about 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions and demand for the industrial materials is on the rise. A handful of pilots are underway to develop zero or nearly-zero carbon versions … Read More

Papua New Guinea on the chopping block

Written by Corporate Knights

Eight members of the Kimadi tribe stand, crouch or sit on the hard ground, knotty with exposed tree roots, enjoying the relative cool offered by a verdant canopy of leaves overhead. Just a few metres away, the quiet clear waters … Read More

Trees and the laws of supply and demand

Written by Corporate Knights

Worldwide, Interpol and the United Nations Environment Programme estimate the value of the yearly trade in illegal harvested timber at between US$30 billion and $100 billion, or 10-30% of global wood trade. About 7.3 million hectares of forest – an … Read More

rocky mountain institute

Freedom Isn’t Free…of Methane

Written by Rocky Mountain Institute

Last week, the US Department of Energy started referring to natural gas as “molecules of freedom” or “freedom gas,” referring to the ability of natural gas from the United States to provide “a diverse and affordable source of clean energy” … Read More