Sunshine for Mines: a Brighter Vision for Sustainable Resources

Written by Rocky Mountain Institute

In both life and work, it’s important to reflect on your past accomplishments and how they inform your future journey. When RMI started its mining initiative five years ago, carbon reduction wasn’t on the radar for mining companies, and the renewable capacity on (or provided to) mine sites was just over 600 megawatts. In most instances, the barrier to change was not cost, but the industry’s comfort with traditional practices. The industry status quo was to use grid power were possible, and diesel, heavy fuel oil (HFO) or natural gas everywhere else.

RMI’s Sunshine for Mines initiative was initially launched

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By Rocky Mountain Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) transforms global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future. We are an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit cofounded in 1982 by Amory Lovins, RMI’s chairman emeritus and chief scientist. RMI now has approximately 170 full-time staff, annual operations of $35 million, and a global reach and reputation. In 2014, Carbon War Room merged with and now operates as part of RMI.

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