Harvest More & Garden Less With Permaculture Jax

Permaculture Delivers Easy, Organic, Sustainable Gardening

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Would you like a beautiful, edible landscape that requires little effort year after year? Or a lush backyard paradise filled with organic food that requires minimal maintenance? Check out Permaculture Jax!  This local organization is helping North Floridians learn to effortlessly harvest more and garden less.


Following a few basic Permaculture guidelines, you can garden without harmful pesticides and fertilizers to grow our own food forest. And you’ll find yourself living more sustainably as you work in harmony with nature to provide all the fresh, local, affordable food you need.


The Permaculture movement is quickly expanding in popularity all around the globe. It’s turning agriculturally depleted areas into abundant and productive food forests.



Permaculture Jax food forest

The “food forest” grown by Val and Eli, the founders of Permaculture Jax. This couple organically grows everything they eat in their urban yard.

Connect With Permaculture Jax


The Permaculture Jax community is quickly growing. It’s very active with monthly meetups, workshops and ever expanding support groups. Here are two ways to connect, learn more and get involved.


  • Permaculture Jax hosts monthly meetings, movie nights, socials and workshops. The schedule is posted here on Meetup.com. 
  • Local permies communicate frequently online about local plants, growing techniques, news and events here on Facebook.  It’s a closed group, so you’ll need to send the administrator a request to join.  Well worth the effort!



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