Vegetable Planting Guide for North Florida

From The University of Florida's IFAS Extension Service

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Plant North Florida summer squash in both the spring and fall.Summer Squash & Blossom

Plant summer squash and zucchini in both the spring and fall.

When should you plant your favorite veggies for optimum growth in North Florida? Here’s the definitive guide from the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Click here to search the IFAS website for more local gardening guides, tips and support. You’ll also find advice on what vegetable varieties IFAS recommends for our growing zone.

Plant bush and pole beans every 3 weeks in spring and fall for successive harvests.

Plant bush and pole beans every 3 weeks in spring and fall for successive harvests.











North Florida winter greens

Plant winter greens, like kohlrabi and collards, from September to March!

CropPlanting Dates
Beans, bush & poleMar – Apr and Aug – Sep
Beans, limaMar – Aug
BeetsSep – Mar
BroccoliAug – Feb
CabbageSep – Feb
CantaloupeMar – Apr
CarrotsSep – Mar
CauliflowerJan – Feb and Aug – Oct
CeleryJan – Mar
Chinese CabbageOct – Feb
CollardsFeb –Apr and Aug – Nov
Corn, sweetMar – Apr and Aug
CucumbersFeb – Apr and Aug – Sep
EggplantFeb – July
Endive/EscaroleFeb – Mar and Sep
KaleSep – Feb
KohlrabiSep – Mar
LettucesFeb – Mar and Sep – Oct
MustardSep – May
OkraMar – July
Onions, bulbingSep – Dec
Onions, bunchingAug – Mar
Onions, shallotsAug – Mar
Peas, EnglishJan – Mar
Peas, SouthernMar – Aug
PeppersFeb – Apr and July – Aug
PotatoesJan – Mar
Potatoes, sweetMar – June
PumpkinMar – Apr and Aug
RadishSep – Mar
SpinachOct – Nov
Squash, summerMar – Apr and Aug – Sep
Squash, winterMarch and August
StrawberryOct – Nov
TomatoesFeb – Apr and August
TurnipsJan – Apr and Aug – Oct
WatermelonMar – Apr and July – Aug



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