New research, March 4-10, 2019

Written by Skeptical Science

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below. This post has separate sections for: Climate Change, Climate Change Impacts, Climate Change Mitigation, and Other Papers.

Climate change

Estimates of Decadal Climate Predictability from an Interactive Ensemble Model

Temperature, precipitation, wind

Lyapunov exponents and temperature transitions in a warming Australia

Recent Surface Air Temperature Change over Mainland China Based on an Urbanization-Bias Adjusted Dataset

Spatial patterns of trends in seasonal extreme temperatures in India during 1980–2010 (open access)

Predictability of North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature and Upper Ocean Heat Content

Human influence on winter precipitation trends (1921‐2015) over North

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By Skeptical Science

Explaining climate change science & rebutting global warming misinformation.Scientific skepticism is healthy. Scientists should always challenge themselves to improve their understanding. Yet this isn't what happens with climate change denial. Skeptics vigorously criticise any evidence that supports man-made global warming and yet embrace any argument, op-ed, blog or study that purports to refute global warming. This website gets skeptical about global warming skepticism. Do their arguments have any scientific basis? What does the peer reviewed scientific literature say?

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