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How to reduce waste in Florida businesses

According to the Florida Department of Environment Protection, Florida is one of the states in the USA that produces the most waste. Indeed in 2019, they were the 2nd state that produced the most waste behind California with 42,000,000 tons. Companies generating 87% of this waste in Florida. And the construction sector is by far the largest producer of waste in Florida. So why and how to reduce waste in businesses?

Why reduce waste in business

The management and recovery of waste in businesses is today recognized as a real means of reducing costs as well as its impact on the environment. While knowing that the waste management which is invoiced only represents 7% of the cost of waste in total. Generation costs as well as internal management are not counted and are part of the bottom of the iceberg.

Reducing the volume and recycling of waste in business allows you to reduce your costs of collecting and processing waste, such as plastic film, cardboard, paper, etc..

A company can also reduce its impact on the environment by optimizing the volume and sorting its waste. Their treatment will facilitate their recovery or even their internal reuse for cardboard boxes, for example.

Internally, 7 million people work in offices in Florida, and each employee produces on average 140 to 160 kg of waste at their workplace on average per year. The overall footprint is therefore very significant.

How to reduce waste in business

Implement supports and effective internal communication

Clearly, employee involvement will be greater with explicit and impactful display at the various sorting locations, in the offices, in the canteen, as well as occasional service notes.

Install easy-access sorting bins in the company

In correlation with the installation of different supports, the installation of sorting bins in strategic locations is essential. Sorting is essential in offices, particularly for paper and cardboard. Employees can even participate directly in compacting waste and reducing its volume. Particularly with a can and plastic bottle compactor system set up in the company restaurant for example.

Limit the production of waste on the internet

Choose digital format over paper format when possible. A dual screen can be just as convenient as printing your files on paper. Prefer a mug rather than plastic or even cardboard cups. Bring your own cutlery and your reusable water bottle!

Limit overpackaging and reuse your waste

By optimizing the size and volume of the packaging in which you pack your products, the void in the carton will be less, and therefore the packing will also be less important. This will allow you to reduce your dunnage costs by reducing the quantity used.

Along the same lines, choosing cushioning from the reuse of your cardboard boxes is a way to reduce your volume of cardboard waste but also to reduce your costs of purchased cushioning. The majority of your customers will also be more sensitive to your ecological commitment.

Cardboard shredders for making cushioning are very compact and very easy to use machines! Different wedging results are possible depending on your preferences and your types of products to be packaged: chips / embossed wedging / crimps.

Recycle your waste and compact or grind it

You can reduce the volume of waste by compacting it in a baler or compactor. You can also reduce the volume of your waste, even the most difficult ones, by crushing it. Depending on the quantity produced in m3 or tons per month, waste management service providers such as Melbourne Dumpster Rental Bros can collect your bales of plastic waste, paper, cardboard for example and then recycle them.

To guide you, you will find more information about waste management, dumpster rentals and junk disposal in our other blog articles which will guide you in choosing the best solution according to your problem and your location in Florida!

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