Heroes & Zeros: Business Roundtable evolves, while Cargill named worst company on earth

Written by Corporate Knights

Zero: Cargill

Sadly, there is no shortage of choice for the title of Worst Company on Earth. A host of sweatshops surely qualify, as do any number of corrupt corporate kleptocracies, mismanaged monopolies, climate-action-obstructing fossil fuel companies, price-gouging pharmaceutical companies, weapons manufacturers…the list goes on.

The Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group Mighty Earth recently took a stab at identifying the ultimate bottom-feeder in environmental governance and decided to award the dubious honour to Cargill, the agri-food giant.

The rap sheet against Cargill, the U.S.’s largest privately owned company, is a long one. In the foreword to Mighty Earth’s 7,000-word report, former

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