Growing Ginger and Turmeric

Super Easy To Grow Organically and Enjoy Year-Round

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Freshly harvested organic ginger

Fresh, organic ginger planted in the spring – harvested in the winter

Growing ginger and turmeric is so easy in North Florida you’ll never buy packaged, processed, powdered versions again. Really!  It’s effortless and requires so little time to enjoy fresh, organic, homegrown ginger and turmeric.

They’re roots!  Just put them in the ground, give them some moisture while they sprout and they’ll thrive with little care, water or fuss.  Here’s how. It’s super simple.

Fresh, organic turmeric

Fresh, organic turmeric ready to be planted for next year’s crop.

In the spring, plant pieces of fresh ginger and turmeric in rich soil.  Keep them moist  for a few weeks as they sprout.  They’ll give you pretty green foliage to enjoy all summer and fall.  In late winter, when the foliage dies back, dig up the roots. You’ll have plenty to eat and plenty to put back into the soil for next year’s harvest.  Yep, it’s that easy.

Frozen ginger pieces for year-round enjoyment

I peel and freeze ginger pieces to enjoy my organic harvest year round.

To enjoy homegrown, organic ginger and turmeric year round, I peel them and freeze in a baggie.  I pull out a piece as I need it.  Ginger and turmeric are even easier to grate on a microplane when they’re frozen than when they’re fresh.

Growing these two roots is so easy and rewarding.  You’ll be glad you tried it.

You like growing no-care veggies? Check out sweet potatoes – another ideal North Florida crop for lazy gardeners like me!

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By Trish Michaels

I’ve been gardening organically for 20+ years. I'm mostly vegetarian. I love cooking what I grow and creating recipes to incorporate whole grains, beans and seeds. In my Jacksonville home, I lower my carbon footprint with solar power, rainwater harvesting, composting, waste reduction, etc. I'm eager to do more!I launched Sustainable North Florida in 2012 as a way to donate my digital marketing skills to help promote the many sustainable events and people greening our community - and to connect with other locals who share my passion for protecting natural resources, eating healthy and living green.My vision is a more sustainable community that lovingly supports one another with knowledge and resources. Jacksonville is a great place to call home!

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  2. Hi, I have tried several ways to get rhizomes to grow, but several times have failed. I think I need to put them in partial shade and not water them daily. I presume that they don’t like to have wet feet, but I have read so much on the internet to the contrary, that now I am a confused mess of a gardener lol!

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