Freedom Isn’t Free…of Methane

Written by Rocky Mountain Institute

Last week, the US Department of Energy started referring to natural gas as “molecules of freedom” or “freedom gas,” referring to the ability of natural gas from the United States to provide “a diverse and affordable source of clean energy” for the world. It’s true that natural gas is often viewed as being cleaner than coal, and is seen by many as a fossil fuel that can play a critical role as a “bridge” fuel in the global transition to renewable energy. But natural gas has a problem: it leaks methane, a superpotent greenhouse gas (GHG) that has a short-term climate

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By Rocky Mountain Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) transforms global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future. We are an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit cofounded in 1982 by Amory Lovins, RMI’s chairman emeritus and chief scientist. RMI now has approximately 170 full-time staff, annual operations of $35 million, and a global reach and reputation. In 2014, Carbon War Room merged with and now operates as part of RMI.

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