Jax’s First Public Permaculture Park

'Our Fertile Earth' Breaks Ground on Jacksonville's Westside

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Our Fertile Earth breaks ground at Edgewood Gardens

Enthusiasts of local, organic food and gardening build the city’s first public food forest.


Jacksonville is getting its first public permaculture food park. Our Fertile Earth broke ground on Saturday, June 1st at the Edgewood Gardens.  In partnership with Brent Reynolds, Director of the Florida Christian Center, local permaculture enthusiasts are turning a half-acre lot into a food park for the residents of Sundale Manor and the Florida Christian Apartments.

Follow Our Fertile Earth on Facebook and Google + for updates and volunteer opportunities as they build a network of beautiful, productive farm and garden sites in the metropolitan area.

View the inspiring trilogy created by local videographer Johnny Mars.

Our Fertile Earth is a non-profit permaculture group dedicated to community education, urban revitalization and job creation through the sustainable stewardship of local food parks.   They’re building a network of urban permaculture sites on empty lots in Jacksonville. Our Fertile Earth sites grow organic fruits and vegetables which are sold at local markets.

Volunteers watch permaculture demonstrations then participate in on-site design implementation and learn how to garden from skilled and certified permaculturists.  They give time-banked volunteer hours and receive organic produce and hands-on education in trade.   Short on time? As little as a four hour contribution can begin your entry into the skills required to grow your own food and create a self-sustaining, beautiful ecosystem.

Our Fertile Earth is a great way to get some exercise, meet new friends and reduce your carbon footprint while learning permaculture techniques from the experts.  Their motto… Come Grow With Us





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Our Fertile Earth is a non-profit permaculture group dedicated to rejuvenating the urban wasteland by building beautiful, productive food parks, growing local jobs, and teaching others how we do it. We take stewardship of empty urban spaces and restore them to life. We build for the long term. Give us a few volunteer hours and get fresh, local produce in trade at the market. And the more you work, the more you learn. At every workshop our skilled and certified permaculture designers provide demonstrations of permaculture techniques. Volunteers then put that education into practice, seeing, hearing, and doing what it takes to create a beautiful, self-sustaining food system using abundant natural materials. Our group is a great way to get some exercise, meet new friends, and beautify your neighborhood while learning from the experts how to to grow excellent food from living soil. Volunteer opportunities are year-round so 'Come Grow with Us!' Visit Our Fertile Earth on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OurFertileEarth

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