E4C Now Offers a Database of Field Manuals for Design and Construction

Written by Engineers 4 Change

Swapping harddrives is a common exchange between humanitarian professionals working in remote regions. “Do you have any movies? Music?” When the professionals happen to be engineers or architects however, the conversation can quickly turn to work: “What about field manuals? Anything on post-earthquake reconstruction? Sanitation? Anything on septic construction?”

Humanitarian and development professions have matured, and methods of design and construction in complex environments are now documented. Organizations ranging from the International Committee of the Red Cross to Save the Children have developed field manuals for their staff to design programs. These are often disseminated internally, and in some cases

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By Engineers 4 Change

E4C’s mission is to improve the lives of underserved communities by better preparing the global development workforce, optimizing the solutions development cycle, and ensuring public health and safety.

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