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FCC News Brief – January 21, 2020

Written by Florida Conservation Coalition

Read In Legislature, septic tank problems getting notice after heavy algae impacts prompt state review – “… There are an estimated 2.6 million septic tanks in Florida, used by about 30 percent of the state’s residents. With population growth amplifying … Read More

How did climate change get so controversial?

Written by Skeptical Science

An excerpt from the book Cranky Uncle vs. Climate Change, released Feb 25. Our human brain is poorly equipped to deal with a threat like climate change. Over millions of years, we’ve evolved to avoid life-threatening dangers like predators jumping out of … Read More

Corporate Knights

The Global 100 difference

Written by Corporate Knights

For many years, there was a consensus, among investors and the businesses they bought shares in, that companies should focus on maximizing shareholder returns above all else. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues were irrelevant to financial performance, it was … Read More