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rainwater collection tanks

Floridians Can Still Collect Rainwater

It's Illegal In Several States!

Written by Michaela3 Comments

Diverting water in some Western states is illegal.  Utah, Colorado and Washington citizens are banned from collecting rainwater or at the very least have strong restrictions limiting free use of it. Recently a study was done in Douglas County, CO … Read More

Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

The Secret? Help Them Grow Their Own Garden!

Written by ksalzLeave a Comment

Many parents agonize over how to get their children to eat vegetables. We’ve all heard stories of the kindergartener who will eat anything, as long as it’s white. How about the child who would rather go hungry than eat green … Read More

Are Backyard Chickens Legal?

Jacksonville's Grass Roots Movement to Legalize Urban Hens

Written by Trish Michaels4 Comments

Jacksonville gardeners are uniting to legalize their most beloved, dependable helpers – backyard chickens.  Currently, livestock is prohibited inside the city limits without agricultural zoning.  But that hasn’t stopped chicken coops from showing up all over prestigious urban neighborhoods like … Read More

Ivonka's happy, healthy, vegetarian children

Raising Vegetarian Children

How One Jacksonville Family Adapts In A Meat-Eating Society

Written by ivonkaLeave a Comment

  One day my children asked me if they could try chicken. They’ve been vegetarian all their lives.  I said “absolutely, try chicken.  But first we must go to a farm where you can kill the one you wish to … Read More

Ghee – Healthy, Purified Butter

How To Purify Butter So You Can Enjoy All The Taste

Written by ivonka1 Comment

In my home, we use ghee instead of oil.  Everything cooked or fry with Ghee tastes so much better, and it’s so much healthier than oil or butter. It doesn’t burn easily so we can use it for deep-frying, pan-frying, … Read More

Fresh Bay Leaves in Jacksonville!

Fresh Leaves From My Bay Laurel Tree Much Better Than Dried!

Written by Trish Michaels1 Comment

  Did you know we can grow our own fresh bay leaves in North Florida?  I didn’t, until I was gifted with this baby Bay Laurel tree.   The fresh leaves are absolutely delicious in beans, soups and rice – … Read More

Harnessing Free Florida Sunshine

One Jacksonville Homeowner's Experience With Solar Power

Written by Trish Michaels2 Comments

  Living in the Sunshine State, it makes sense to harness this free, abundant energy to lower our electric bills and reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why I invested in four kinds of solar energy for my home several years … Read More

Creating My Edible Yard – Part 1

A Gardener's Journey Into Permaculture and Urban Agriculture

Written by Trish Michaels1 Comment

  I’m learning a new way to grow an endless supply of organic food. It’s called Permaculture.  It’s how Mother Earth naturally replenishes her forests. I’m transitioning from my old gardening style into Permaculture because it promises to: –  Require … Read More

Making Basil Pesto

A Delicious Way to Enjoy An Abundant Harvest of Basil Year Round

Written by Trish Michaels2 Comments

Before my basil plants go to seed in the fall, I harvest it all for making basil pesto.  It’s so easy to make a bunch at once, then freeze it in ice cube trays to enjoy it all year.  When … Read More