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Local Events – January & February 2013

Quick Links to Upcoming Local Events In Our Calendar

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  You’ll find lots of help starting your spring garden in local workshops this Jan/Feb. You can also discuss local climate change – help create a vision for Jax2025 – feast with wild felines – get trained in disaster preparedness … Read More

Food & Fuel Shortages Are Closer Than You Think!

Sustainable America's Campaign To Avert This Impending Crisis!

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  Food and fuel consumption are inextricably linked. Production is nearing capacity, yet demand increases. Shortages are a real possibility in the near future. Yet few Americans realize how our economy, lifestyles and well-being will be affected. We take food … Read More

“COB” Ovens Grow In Local Popularity

COB Is An Ancient Building Technique Using Clay, Sand And Hay

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  If you’ve tasted pizza, bread or stew from an authentic wood-fired oven, you know why COB ovens are so popular. Nothing beats the flavor! And what’s more satisfying than cooking in an energy-efficient oven you built from natural, local … Read More

Cooking With Winter Veggies & Whole Grains

Easy, Yummy Vegetarian Dishes For Fall And Winter

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  Here are a few of my favorite winter recipes featuring goodies graciously abundant in my organic garden. I hope you’re inspired to experiment with new types of winter greens, roots, sweet potatoes, leeks, snow peas, sugar snap peas, broccoli … Read More

Creating My Edible Yard – Part 2

Installing The Hardscape: Chicken Coop and Grape Arbor

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  In my search for a better way to grow organic food, I’m meeting lots of locals who are gracious in sharing their Permaculture expertise. I never knew there were so many people living sustainably in my little community.  I’m … Read More

Frozen Sofrito Cubes

How To Enjoy Your Favorite Seasonings Year-Round

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I love seasoning with onions, peppers, garlic and cilantro fresh from my garden. But they’re not always in season.  So, here’s what I do to enjoy them year-round.  It also makes cooking extra quick and easy! In either spring or … Read More

Want to Start a Community Garden?

Duval County Extension Office

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If you are thinking of starting a community garden, here’s a great place to start.  It’s an informative publication from the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Click here to go directly to the publication. 

Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Duval County Extension Office

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Interested in reducing your use of water and lawn chemicals?  Want to grow in harmony with nature?  Learn all about Florida-Friendly Landscaping in this guide published by the University of Florida IFAS Extension.  It will answer your questions about best watering … Read More

Healthy Kids – Healthy Communities

Health Initiatives In Jacksonville's Urban Neighborhoods

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      Jacksonville’s urban core has limited access to the amenities that make a healthy lifestyle possible.  Grocery stores. Farmer’s markets. Community gardens. Clean parks. Safe routes to school. Enticing playgrounds. Open greenspaces.  Families in this area, referred to … Read More