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friends of florida

Trouble in Paradise Report and Webinar

Written by 1000 Friends of Florida

Download the Trouble in Paradise reportSign up for the FREE September 19 Webinar With leadership from the late Nathaniel Pryor Reed, 1000 Friends of Florida, Apalachicola Riverkeeper, Defenders of Wildlife, Florida Defenders of the Environment, Florida Springs Council, Florida Springs … Read More


FCC News Brief – August 14, 2018

Written by Florida Conservation Coalition

Stephen Nash writes for the Washington Post- “ Mining corporations — many of which are foreign-owned — multimillionaire ranchers and fossil-fuel interests threaten to gut the meager protections afforded wildlife by the federal Endangered Species Act. Those who follow President … Read More

green biz

The limits of data-driven approaches to planning

Written by GreenBiz

Sometimes the available quantitative data is too limited to enable us to see what’s really going on — and that can lead us to the wrong conclusions. Click to Read the Full Article from GreenBiz…