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eating Local

Eating Local in a Globalized World

3 Tips on Eating Local

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Obtaining and consuming food that has been grown or produced within 100 miles of where you live is considered eating local. The movement has grown and expanded and now some people refer to themselves as ‘Loca-vores’, meaning they eat strictly … Read More

Living Compassionately for Sustainability

A better world for you, and for the planet

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In light of recent news of the US leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, compassion towards each other and our environment is more important now than ever. In order to live a compassionate life, one must change the way they think. … Read More

7 Ways to Recognize Green Champions

The importance of recognition in the sustainability community

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According to Globoforce, a leader in employee engagement, recognition helps keep people engaged in activities, increase their performance, improve their happiness, breathe life into their values and create an incentive to stay with an organization or group. Green organizations are … Read More

Take Care of Our Bees This Summer

How we're negatively affecting bees and how we can change that

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Honey bees are one of the most important parts of our ecosystem. They not only pollinate and spread the seeds of hundreds of different types of plants, they also use that nectar that they collect to make honey which has … Read More

Earth Day Events: We’ve Got You Covered!

Mark your calendar for Saturday April 22nd

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A worldwide celebration on April 22nd will reinvigorate our focus on environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970 and now organized globally by the Earth Day Network, there could not be a more critical time for the nation and North Florida … Read More

Libations and Letter Writing

Pro Tips for Envrionmentalists on Writing your Elected Officials

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On a bustling Tuesday evening at Aardwolf, a local Jacksonville brewery, the Rising Tides were busy setting out coasters and ushering attendees to their seats with freshly poured cold brews. Anticipation was in the room for a group of individuals … Read More

March Against Monsanta 2014

North Floridians ‘March Against Monsanto’

Locals join worldwide protest, wanting to know what's in their food

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The 2014 ‘March Against Monsanto’ is Saturday, May 24.  North Floridians will gather at 11am in the same two locations as 2013:  Memorial Park in Riverside and the St. Johns Town Center.  Details here. Protestors say this event is “a … Read More

Beautiful Bamboo Homes Of Bali

Exquisite, affordable, sustainable homes featuring bamboo

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Bamboo – a fast-growing, all-natural, highly-sustainable building material – is featured with creativity, durability, affordability and WOW-ability in these Bali homes.  In case you missed this report on CBS Sunday Morning, watch it now.  You’ll want one!  This Bali, Indonesia … Read More