March Against Monsanta 2014

North Floridians ‘March Against Monsanto’

Locals join worldwide protest, wanting to know what's in their food

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The 2014 ‘March Against Monsanto’ is Saturday, May 24.  North Floridians will gather at 11am in the same two locations as 2013:  Memorial Park in Riverside and the St. Johns Town Center.  Details here. Protestors say this event is “a … Read More

Hens In Jax supporters at City Hall

Jacksonville Legalizes Backyard Chickens

City Council Approves Limited Number of Hen Licenses

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2014 Update: City Council approved a limited number of hen licenses on a trial basis.  Contact Hens In Jax for information on joining the local hen revolution! July 15: Bill Wanders Through City Hall A proposed bill that would legalize … Read More

Growing Sweet Potatoes In Florida

The perfect crop for lazy gardeners like me!

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  What’s more effortless, rewarding, nutritious, delicious and fully sustainable than growing sweet potatoes in Florida? They’re easy to grow, thrive in our hot summers, require little water and store for months. They’re delicious and high in nutritional value.  Once … Read More

Freddy Turns 8 at Catty Shack Ranch!

The Lion Cub Born In North Florida's Big Cat Sanctuary - All Grown Up

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The precious baby lion born at North Florida’s Catty Shack Ranch in 2005 celebrates his eighth birthday this Memorial Weekend.  Freddy is one of the few big cats born at the local wildlife sanctuary.  The other 40+ residents were rescued from … Read More

Growing Ginger and Turmeric

Super Easy To Grow Organically and Enjoy Year-Round

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Growing ginger and turmeric is so easy in North Florida you’ll never buy packaged, processed, powdered versions again. Really!  It’s effortless and requires so little time to enjoy fresh, organic, homegrown ginger and turmeric. They’re roots!  Just put them in … Read More

Organic Gardening Guide For Children

Local Author Kelly Johnson Puts The Fun In Family & School Gardening

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  “Wings, Worms & Wonders” is a masterful book that inspires children to fall in love with fresh food, organic gardening, nature and sustainable living.  These fun, easy lesson plans are ideal for schools, homeschoolers or families to enjoy with … Read More

NE Florida’s Only LEED Platinum Green Home

Tour the energy efficient, hurricane proof, waterfront home that's 'Built Totally Green'

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  Villa Paraiso is NE Florida’s first and only sustainable, self-sufficient home achieving LEED Platinum status, the US Green Building Council’s highest rating. LEED Platinum is so difficult to achieve, there are only 19 other homes in Florida and 1045 Platinum … Read More

Mike Creedy cooks pizza in his rocket fueled COB oven

Dome Homesteading In North Florida

The Man Behind A Local Blog That Reaches Worldwide

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  Mike Creedy is one of North Florida’s self-sufficiency pioneers. He walked away from the corporate world to live off the land in Live Oak. He’s building an energy efficient Dome Home from sand bags – an innovative, rocket-fired COB … Read More

Corn, Beans & Squash – The Three Sisters

A Quick Fool-Proof Tip For North Florida Gardeners

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  If you grow nothing else this spring, try “The Three Sisters.”  Corn, pole beans and squash are perfect garden companions.  They require little effort for a big organic harvest. My North Florida ancestors practiced this Native American technique for … Read More

“COB” Ovens Grow In Local Popularity

COB Is An Ancient Building Technique Using Clay, Sand And Hay

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  If you’ve tasted pizza, bread or stew from an authentic wood-fired oven, you know why COB ovens are so popular. Nothing beats the flavor! And what’s more satisfying than cooking in an energy-efficient oven you built from natural, local … Read More