Selphi Eco-Salon

Written by Brandon

Selphi Salon is the first but certainly not last of its kind in the hair industry. Finally a hair salon that is equally as committed to reducing its carbon footprint as it is to its quality of work and complete comfort of every person that walks in our doors.

At Selphi we are 100% solar powered. We also use biodegradable towels to greatly reduce our water consumption. Selphi was created by using all recycled and reclaimed materials for its interior including all of our styling stations. We have also replaced all plastic color bowls with coconut shells. This has allowed us to eliminate all plastics and vinyl in our space. We also use 100% P.E.T.A. certified, cruelty free color and products courtesy of Kevin Murphy and Loma. Our color and products are free of all ammonia, PPD’s, parabens, sulfates, metals, plastics, and fragrance. This leaves us with only pure, natural, sustainably harvested ingredients.

Top it all off with unparamounted philanthropy work in our community, the most talented stylists at the beach and an energy committed to complete female empowerment and you can see why we love what we do here at Selphi.

By Brandon

I’ve been an outdoorsman most of my life due to a network of nature loving friends and family camping trips growing up. Paddling the mouth of McCoys Creek in Jacksonville FL inspired me to play an active role in keeping our outdoor spaces healthy for the enjoyment of others. Looking at ways to play a larger impact outside of grassroots cleanups, I’m working on a few personal projects under the concept of sustainability that focuses on the 3 P’s: People, Profit, Planet.

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