BEAM (Grace Garden)

Written by Brandon

To supplement the fruits and vegetables offered in our pantries, in April 2013, we built BEAM’s Grace Garden, a 6,000 sq. ft. production farm with fifty-nine 4’ X 12’ raised beds, 8 fruit trees, a fence full of raspberries on the north and blueberries on the south, and an herb and butterfly garden. We operate a 16’ x 24’ greenhouse where we start all of our plants from seed. In order to take advantage of all available growing space, we have added a Shitake mushroom farm in a shade enclosure on the side of our building. Always exploring new growing techniques and solutions to food production in low income urban settings, we have added aeroponic, vertical growing to our production capabilities. Utilizing our 12 vertical growing towers which require 10% of the water needed by conventional farming and growing in 2/3 the time, we can now offer our clients, nutrient dense, seasonal greens, year-round.

Operating almost exclusively with volunteers, The Grace Garden at BEAM provided more than 7,500 pounds of fresh produce and fruits to our pantry clients in the last year

By Brandon

I’ve been an outdoorsman most of my life due to a network of nature loving friends and family camping trips growing up. Paddling the mouth of McCoys Creek in Jacksonville FL inspired me to play an active role in keeping our outdoor spaces healthy for the enjoyment of others. Looking at ways to play a larger impact outside of grassroots cleanups, I’m working on a few personal projects under the concept of sustainability that focuses on the 3 P’s: People, Profit, Planet.

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