7 Ways to Recognize Green Champions

The importance of recognition in the sustainability community

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According to Globoforce, a leader in employee engagement, recognition helps keep people engaged in activities, increase their performance, improve their happiness, breathe life into their values and create an incentive to stay with an organization or group.

“The number-one reason most Americans leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated. In fact, 65% of people surveyed said they got no recognition for good work last year”Gallup, Tom Rath and Donald Clifton

Green organizations are shocked by this metric and agree on recognition’s role but often don’t have the budget to materialize a strategy for their employees and/or volunteers. These organizations look to the community to help to recognize those that make positive impacts in the green space.

If you are fan of the work of a few local green champions, here are some tips to help with recognizing those individuals:
  • Say, "Thank You"

    Two easy words that have a tremendous way of making someone feel appreciated for what they are doing. So, next time you see a volunteer cleanup crew along your walk, be sure to earn a few extra steps by walking over to stop and say, “Thank you” for the work they day to help keep our community spaces clean and enjoyable for all to use.

  • Leverage Social Media

    Did your green advocate post a picture or their work or details of a campaign they are highlighting on Facebook or another social media resource? Be sure to take a moment to like, share, comment or send a private message affirming their awesome work. We recommend commenting and sharing as it helps to ripple across the social media interwebs more than just “liking” and they could often use the free visibility online.

  • Nominate Them for An Award

    Know someone that makes sacrifices to dedicate their time towards a green cause like education or influencing policy? Nominate them for an award to be formally recognized in the green community. As an example, check out the City of Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board Awards who’s nomination period is now open until July 14th .

  • Submit to a Local Media Group

    Local radio stations and periodicals are jumping at the bit to cover green content. Know someone in the community that has been kicking butt as a green champion? Write some flattering content covering the work they do or organization they represent and how much it’s appreciated. They might get picked up in a local bio just like Alicia Smith did!

  • "In Kind" Exchange

    We often see environmental and conservation organizations leverage volunteers to make their events come to life. To acknowledge your volunteer’s efforts be sure to offer them a free general admission ticket or meal voucher so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor and as a way to recognize their efforts after saying, “Thank You”.

  • Donate

    Recognition can be monetary as well. If you can afford it, next time you’re acknowledging their work submit a donation to their cause or project no matter how small. All those pennies hitting the bottom of the jar help fund their projects. Others have suggested surfing local Indiegogo or Gofundme campaigns to help support. Not a lot of cash but got a lot of stuff? Donate equipment or supplies to someone’s campaign.

  • Timely Recognition

    Recognition at any time is appreciated but it’s most impactful when it happens alongside the action you intend to recognize. The timing of that “Thank You” or donation coming in might make the difference on whether or not your green champion has the energy or resources to continue to do what they do.

Have you been recognized as a steward of the environment or recognized others? Share your tips and experiences with our readers!

by Brandon Warner

By Brandon

I’ve been an outdoorsman most of my life due to a network of nature loving friends and family camping trips growing up. Paddling the mouth of McCoys Creek in Jacksonville FL inspired me to play an active role in keeping our outdoor spaces healthy for the enjoyment of others. Looking at ways to play a larger impact outside of grassroots cleanups, I’m working on a few personal projects under the concept of sustainability that focuses on the 3 P’s: People, Profit, Planet.

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