In The Spotlight

Hens In Jax supporters at City Hall

Will Jacksonville Legalize Backyard Chickens?

A New Urban Hen Ordinance Works Its Way Through City Hall

July 15: Bill Wanders Through City Hall A proposed bill that would legalize urban hens is working its way through Jacksonville City Hall.  If all goes as planned, City Council will vote on the bill August 27.  Here's the schedule: July 16. Land, Use & Zoning will read the bill - no … [Read More...]

March Against Monsanto North Florida Locations

North Floridians March Against Monsanto

Locals Join Worldwide Protest To Know What's In Their Food

North Floridians will March Against Monsanto on May 25 at four locations. They'll be joining  hundreds of thousands of global protestors organizing on 6 continents, in 36 countries and more than 250 cities. All US events will occur simultaneously at 2pm EST. Local March Against Monsanto … [Read More...]

Dock To House

Green Home For Sale – NE FL’s Only LEED Platinum

Energy Efficient, Hurricane Proof, Waterfront Luxury With Exceptional Views!

  Villa Paraiso sits majestically in a peaceful, riverfront community, five minutes from downtown Jacksonville by car or boat. With panoramic views of the St. Johns and Arlington Rivers, this waterfront home offers 4134 sq ft of luxury living with maximum energy efficiency and minimal … [Read More...]


Food & Fuel Shortages Are Closer Than You Think!

Sustainable America's Campaign To Avert This Impending Crisis!

  Food and fuel consumption are inextricably linked. Production is nearing capacity, yet demand increases. Shortages are a real possibility in the near future. Yet few Americans realize how our economy, lifestyles and well-being will be affected. We take food and fuel for granted, even … [Read More...]

In The Community

Our Fertile Earth breaks ground at Edgewood Gardens

Jax’s First Public Permaculture Park

Our Fertile Earth Breaks Ground on Jacksonville's Westside

  Jacksonville is getting its first public permaculture food park. Our Fertile Earth broke ground on Saturday, June 1st at the Edgewood Gardens.  In partnership with Brent Reynolds, Director of the Florida Christian Center, local permaculture enthusiasts are turning a half-acre lot into … [Read More...]

Freddy turns 8 at Catty Shack Ranch

Freddy Turns 8 at Catty Shack Ranch!

The Lion Cub Born In North Florida's Big Cat Sanctuary - All Grown Up

The precious baby lion born at North Florida’s Catty Shack Ranch in 2005 celebrates his eighth birthday this Memorial Weekend.  Freddy is one of the few big cats born at the local wildlife sanctuary.  The other 40+ residents were rescued from illegal ownership, improper enclosures or … [Read More...]

St. Aug Community Garden photo 1

The Community Garden That Could – And Did!

Harnessing the Power of UNITY to Build A Community Garden

Editor's Note: These organic gardeners illustrate one of the greatest aspects of sustainable living… community!  The St. Augustine Beach Community Garden didn’t just expand their garden – they united a community to overcome every obstacle in bringing their dream into reality.  We’re proud … [Read More...]

In The Yard

Permaculture Jax food forest

Harvest More & Garden Less With Permaculture Jax

Permaculture Delivers Easy, Organic, Sustainable Gardening

Would you like a beautiful, edible landscape that requires little effort year after year? Or a lush backyard paradise filled with organic food that requires minimal maintenance? Check out Permaculture … [Read More...]

Freshly harvested organic ginger

Growing Ginger and Turmeric

Super Easy To Grow Organically and Enjoy Year-Round

Growing ginger and turmeric is so easy in North Florida you'll never buy packaged, processed, powdered versions again. Really!  It's effortless and requires so little time to enjoy fresh, organic, … [Read More...]

Plant North Florida summer squash in both the spring and fall.Summer Squash & Blossom

Vegetable Planting Guide for North Florida

From The University of Florida's IFAS Extension Service

  When should you plant your favorite veggies for optimum growth in North Florida? Here's the definitive guide from the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Click here to search the IFAS … [Read More...]

These three veggies thrive effortlessly in North Florida when grown together.

Corn, Beans & Squash – The Three Sisters

A Quick Fool-Proof Tip For North Florida Gardeners

  If you grow nothing else this spring, try “The Three Sisters.”  Corn, pole beans and squash are perfect garden companions.  They require little effort for a big organic harvest. My … [Read More...]

In The Kitchen

An ideal medley of whatever veggies you're harvesting. Experiment to find your favorites.

Cooking With Winter Veggies & Whole Grains

Easy, Yummy Vegetarian Dishes For Fall And Winter

  Here are a few of my favorite winter recipes featuring goodies graciously abundant in my organic garden. I hope you're inspired to experiment with new types of winter greens, roots, … [Read More...]

Summer seasonings are food proceseed, then frozen to enjoy year-round.

Frozen Sofrito Cubes

How To Enjoy Your Favorite Seasonings Year-Round

I love seasoning with onions, peppers, garlic and cilantro fresh from my garden. But they're not always in season.  So, here's what I do to enjoy them year-round.  It also makes cooking extra quick … [Read More...]

Students at Brentwood Elementary are eager to taste the salad greens from their garden..

Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

The Secret? Help Them Grow Their Own Garden!

Many parents agonize over how to get their children to eat vegetables. We've all heard stories of the kindergartener who will eat anything, as long as it's white. How about the child who would rather … [Read More...]

Ivonka's happy, healthy, vegetarian children

Raising Vegetarian Children

How One Jacksonville Family Adapts In A Meat-Eating Society

  One day my children asked me if they could try chicken. They’ve been vegetarian all their lives.  I said “absolutely, try chicken.  But first we must go to a farm where you can … [Read More...]

In The Home

rainwater collection tanks

Floridians Can Still Collect Rainwater

It's Illegal In Several States!

Diverting water in some Western states is illegal.  Utah, Colorado and Washington citizens are banned from collecting rainwater or at the very least have strong restrictions limiting free use of it. Recently a study was done in Douglas County, CO to determine how collection of rainwater affects … [Read More...]

Panels on Home Roof

Harnessing Free Florida Sunshine

One Jacksonville Homeowner's Experience With Solar Power

  Living in the Sunshine State, it makes sense to harness this free, abundant energy to lower our electric bills and reduce our carbon footprint. That's why I invested in four kinds of solar energy for my home several years ago.  Solar heats my water, my pool, helps heat/cool my house … [Read More...]